scenic view of rocky mountain during evening with stars out

Mini-fiction Monday: We Together

I thought it might be fun to post short fiction pieces on Mondays that just streamed out of my brain. We together by Cait Gordon Genre: fantasy You wrap yourself around me and I feel enveloped in the coolness of your skin. Here, I am secure. In the quiet of this place, high above where …

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ID: Hallway with an elevator. White circle in the middle of the photo with text that reads: Worldbuilding Deep Dive: Accessibility in Worldbuilding

Accessibility in Worldbuilding panel video available now!

I had the honour of being invited by Canadian dark fantasy author Dianna Gunn to moderate a panel called Accessibility in Worldbuilding as part of her Worldbuilding Deep Dive con in February of this year. This is a topic that's dear to my heart as a disabled, hard-of-hearing, and autistic reader and a writer (Iris …

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ID: Book cover of Nothing Without Us and the Aurora Award Nominee logo

Voting for the 2020 Prix Aurora Awards is now open!

I’m really excited about this year’s ballot because I know many of the nominees. That makes it fun for me because there’s an added level of excitement and anticipation. Also, for the first time ever, I have a work on the ballot! Nothing Without Us is a nominee in the Best Related Work category. Kohenet …

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ID: Blue space background with streaks of light and stars. Text reads: Can-Con, October 12-14 2018, Sheraton Hotel, Ottawa, Canada.

I’ll be at Can-Con 2018!

It's getting close to that time when my favourite annual conference happens! I'll be doing a reading and will sit on two panels this year at The Conference on Canadian Content in Speculative Arts and Literature, also known as Can-Con. Their 2018 schedule looks really interesting, too! Can-Con 2018 will be held from October 12-14, …

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I’ll be a panellist at Can-Con 2017!

My bio is listed on the Can-Con website! (Also note awesome emerging author Dianna Gunn. Her novel, Keeper of the Dawn, is way cool. Go buy it. I'll wait.) Here's the text of my bio, if you cannot read the image: Cait (like ‘cat’) Gordon is an Irish-Canadian princess and the author of Life in the ’Cosm, a space …

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The boingy-haired nuisance who’s Noola Quirk.

She likes thrift stores, glitter, bold colours (mostly pink), and her hair looks like a giant follicular umbrella. She's annoyingly cheerful, probably the worst roller blader in galactic history, but her tenacity is unbreakable. She's an expressive extrovert. She's fighting a mobility disability. She's Virj's sidekick. She's Noola Quirk. I had no idea I'd invent …

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'Cosm sketch

The ‘everyman’ who’s Virj Ofreesin.

He's short, pudgy, and has a snout like a green megaphone, or so his cousin Trance says. Virj Ofreesin (yes, it is pronounced like verge of reason) is the protagonist of my first book of the Life in the 'Cosm series. Virj and I have known each other since he started out as a doodle for me …

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