Asking for Reader Feedback: Scary but Awesome

Last year I joined a writers’ group called The Inkonceivables (I know, right? Adorbz!) with authors Nathan Fréchette, Marjo Lafrenière, Éric Desmarais, S.M. Carrière, and Jamieson Wolf. Confession: I really, really, really, times infinity did not want to ever be apart of one. Probably because of previously witnessing writers' groups whose members spoke as if fatally …

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Terri Skuce, Canadian Poet, gives me feedback on ‘Cosm

You know how in films it seems the director makes a person pause for an eternity before answering a question, but in real life it might only take two seconds? I'm telling you after I burst out with, "The suspense is killing me. What do you think about the book?" it felt like 20 years went by before Terri replied. In that pause I told myself I totally sucked as a writer. Then I ran away from home, dug a hole, and buried myself in it.