Flash Fiction Challenge 2020: Wanna write with me?

Hi, alphabet arrangers! In 2018, author ’Nathan Burgoine invited us to write 1000-word flash fiction every month of that year. It was super fun, too. Also, there was no pressure to do it each month, but if you could, it stretched the brain! He had a really unique way of presenting the challenge, too—by drawing … More Flash Fiction Challenge 2020: Wanna write with me?

Broom Chicka-Wow-Wow

I’m back after taking a short breather from writing. I was sad to miss two flash fiction challenges, but was happy to return for the last one in ’Nathan Burgoine’s 2018 monthly Flash Fiction Draw. And thank goodness, the genre was Comedy. The setting is a poppy field and the mandatory object was a broom. … More Broom Chicka-Wow-Wow

Crossing My Path

It’s time for September’s flash fiction, as incited by the amazing author, ’Nathan Burgoine. I really didn’t think I’d be able to participate, as I am recovering from neck and shoulder injuries, but I did a thing! Sorta. (Suspense is not my gift.) Our genre is suspense, the object a money bag, and the location … More Crossing My Path