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Sometimes Humour is Serious

Before the pandemic started (and my brain could words), I really enjoyed participating in Twitter writers chats. They’re pretty fun. Often, the first question asked is our name and the genre we write in. I almost always write something like this: Hi, I’m Cait (like cat). I’m a humorist who writes space opera with aliens …

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Even Funny People Get Pissed Off

I like making people laugh—it's my thing and has been ever since I was a little girl. It was an easy decision to make my "brand" about being a humorous weirdo because IT ME! Humour has always served me well, whether I'm weeping from laughter at comedies and comedians, coping with dire situations, or just …

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A purple alien dressed in a lavish blue, purple, and gold gown wears a golden headpiece and looks about to deliver the final note through those sharp teeth!

Cover Reveal for Space Opera Libretti

So, in late 2018, I saw a call for non-dystopian, comedic short stories in the space opera genre that involve music. The anthology name: Space Opera Libretti. My eyes perked, and I immediately knew I wanted to write for this. I love classic literature, which is probably why there’s an Austen-esque ball scene in the …

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To NaNo or not to NaNo? That is the question.

I have a really cool problem. I've got something that might distract me from writing each day for NaNoWriMo 2018—the Nothing Without Us anthology. It's a project I'm co-editing with my BFF and sensitivity editor Talia C. Johnson. NWU, as we nicknamed it, is going to be a collection of short stories for and by authors who identify …

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Why I write in the comedy genre

I was 32. My favourite auntie had been only two years older when she died of breast cancer decades earlier. And here I was in my early thirties, just months after finding out I couldn't have children, and now in the Ottawa Women's Breast Health Clinic. I'd discovered a mass in my left breast weeks before and we …

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Reader feedback on Life in the ‘Cosm: Oct 6, 2016

This book is delightful. The characters are relatable in their humor (and struggles), and the world-building is done in a subtle way that isn't glaringly jarring or overly pointed... you just get swept up and carried along. And the visuals are great. Definitely worth a read for fans of almost any genre. You won't be …

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