Camp NaNoWriMo banner

I’ve gone camping! To Camp NaNoWriMo, that is.

Well, whaddaya know? I  said I wouldn’t do NaNoWriMo again (after I’d completed my first in 2017 and actually hit the 50,000 word goal), but guess what? I’m baaaack! It just happens that I am on a two-month break from my freelance editing day job. I needed time to regroup and refresh, but also to …

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'Cosm sketch

The ‘everyman’ who’s Virj Ofreesin.

He's short, pudgy, and has a snout like a green megaphone, or so his cousin Trance says. Virj Ofreesin (yes, it is pronounced like verge of reason) is the protagonist of my first book of the Life in the 'Cosm series. Virj and I have known each other since he started out as a doodle for me …

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