So long, Chromebook. Hello, MacBook Pro!


As I type this, I feel a little misty. I loved my Chromebook. It helped me finish Life in the ‘Cosm, got me half-way through the second book, and even some of the way into my third book. I used it to write four short stories this year, one of which has so far made it to round three of an upcoming anthology. That little laptop also read my stories back to me. Thanks, Chromie, for everything. You’re like my first worn-out teddy bear.

When I hadn’t been published, I sort of told myself that if it happened, I’d treat myself to my first Apple laptop. Where I’d get the money for it . . . who knew? But lo and behold, Super Broose, my long-suffering husband, surprised me last Sunday with a purchase. Everyone should have a Bruce. They’re nice.

We bought the 2016 MacBook Pro with retina display. Holy schnikies, is it ever great for reading text. So sharp and crisp. This will come in handy not only for the writing phase, but also for the gruelling editing phase. Another side benefit of the retina, or maybe not so much for my waistline, is that my cupcake background is so sharp, it looks as if the cupcake is right there and I can just reach for it! I joked with the husband unit that one day soon I’ll say to him, “Um, hon, I might have broken my laptop by trying to eat the screen.”

What I really like is the super-light touch of the keyboard. With arthritis and fibro-related neuropathy, this is a treat. I keep having to remind myself not to pound the thing. And I noticed there’s a dictation feature, so I might have a blast with that, too.

So, while I’ll never totally stop being a Google Girl, I have come to the Dark Side. At least that’s what I tell my PC and Android friends. I have an entire Apple tree this year: watch, Apple TV, iPhone 7, and now this MacBook Pro. How did I become this person?

Oh, well. At least I can continue to write my silly stories on a lightweight laptop. I think I’ll have a lot of fun.

I just have to remember the cupcake is a photo. It is not real. Gosh, that icing looks so creamy.

Uh . . . yeah. MacBook Pro. If you have the funds, I recommend it. The space grey is really chic!


P.S. Oh wow, I just totally air-dropped the photo of my laptop with a press of a button and *poof*, it saved it to my MacBook Pro. (Yes, I’m a noob, but this is coolbeans!)

cgauthorCait Gordon is the author of Life in the ’Cosm, a comedic space opera where boy meets girl, but girl doesn’t notice boy because she’s sharing a body with another boy. She is also the creator and editor of the Spoonie Authors Network. You can follow Cait on Facebook  and Twitter.