ID: interior of modern flat with winding staircase and a wall of windows

Once Upon a Flat (Flash Fiction)

It's 2021 and time for the monthly fun Flash Fiction Challenge Draw. This year, it's hosted by author Jeffrey Ricker! For January, we had to write a 1000-words max story that was a fairytale set in a studio apartment in a big city, and there had to be a potted plant in the story. Here's …

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Space background with ringed planet. In white text: Life in Cait's 'Cosm

Noola schooled me in ’Cosm. Xax did in The Stealth Lovers!

I feel my characters in these microcosms are always trying to tell me something about myself. When I was drafting Life in the ’Cosm, I was #DisabledAndAlone, so not in community with other Disabled folks. I was frightened, completely unsure about my future. I had been a runner and worked out regularly. Then fibromyalgia pummeled …

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The boingy-haired nuisance who’s Noola Quirk.

She likes thrift stores, glitter, bold colours (mostly pink), and her hair looks like a giant follicular umbrella. She's annoyingly cheerful, probably the worst roller blader in galactic history, but her tenacity is unbreakable. She's an expressive extrovert. She's fighting a mobility disability. She's Virj's sidekick. She's Noola Quirk. I had no idea I'd invent …

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