Nothing Without Us cover and slogan: We're the heroes, not the sidekicks.

Two Reviews in One Week? YAY!

Pinch me! Actually, don’t. Keep two metres away, please. But still, you can metaphorically pinch me because in the middle of *gestures at pandemic*, I was so surprised to receive notifications of two new reviews of Nothing Without Us!

The first one is “Centering Differences,” written by Cherie Pyne for the Montreal Review of Books. That thrilled me because I grew up in Montreal, so it’s always lovely when you get acknowledgement from your home city:

The manifesto of plucky editors Cait Gordon and Talia C. Johnson for this anthology was to gather great short stories that not only centre the disabled experience (all main characters are disabled, Deaf, neurodiverse, spoonie, and/or managing mental illness or chronic conditions), but also buck the tired tropes that dominate disabled representation. 

Cherie Pyne for Montreal Review of books

The second review is “CLUBHOUSE: Review: Nothing Without Us, a genre anthology about disability,” written by R. Graeme Cameron for Amazing Stories magazine. I was gobsmacked by this conclusion:

I think this is an important and significant book. Certainly memorable. You won’t forget what you’ve read when you put it down. This anthology deserves an Aurora Award, in my opinion. It’s that good.

R. Graeme Cameron for Amazing Stories

I mean, I think our authors are brilliant, so to me, Nothing Without Us is award-winning content. Even if we don’t earn a nomination this year, it’s still so lovely that someone feels the same way as I do about the quality of this anthology.

But, hey, if you are a member of the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association (CSFFA) and can vote for who gets on the 2020 ballot, and you feel inspired to nominate Nothing Without Us (by Cait Gordon and Talia C. Johnson), that would be most lovely!

In the meantime, I want to bake something. I feel cake is in order.

Cait Gordon, in a black and white digital sketch

Cait Gordon is a disability advocate who wants everyone to pummel that curve!

She’s also the author of Life in the ’Cosm and The Stealth Lovers. When Cait’s not writing, she’s editing manuscripts and running The Spoonie Authors Network, a blog whose contributors manage disabilities and/or chronic conditions. She also teamed up with Kohenet Talia C. Johnson to co-edit the Nothing Without Us anthology in an attempt to take over the world.