ID: interior of modern flat with winding staircase and a wall of windows

Once Upon a Flat (Flash Fiction)

It's 2021 and time for the monthly fun Flash Fiction Challenge Draw. This year, it's hosted by author Jeffrey Ricker! For January, we had to write a 1000-words max story that was a fairytale set in a studio apartment in a big city, and there had to be a potted plant in the story. Here's …

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Space background with ringed planet. In white text: Life in Cait's 'Cosm

Noola schooled me in ’Cosm. Xax did in The Stealth Lovers!

I feel my characters in these microcosms are always trying to tell me something about myself. When I was drafting Life in the ’Cosm, I was #DisabledAndAlone, so not in community with other Disabled folks. I was frightened, completely unsure about my future. I had been a runner and worked out regularly. Then fibromyalgia pummeled …

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My New Wheels!

Because I am a published author, there are conferences I must attend for learning and for self-promotion. I want to go to these things. And with this rollator, I can! Always having a seat with me is an enormous thing. Last year at Can*Con 2016, people suggested I sit on a window sill while waiting in line for a panel. That was a solution, I guess, but not a very good one. Also, I kinda hate asking people for chairs all the time. It's going to be nice to just chill and be independent.

Writing with a chronic illness.

In 2014, things were so bad for me, I was sure we needed to move. I couldn't get up and down the stairs without wanting to cry. The thought of me once run-walking five days a week to now barely being able to take steps without a cane freaked me out. I felt panic-stricken. My sleep was atrocious because of experiencing pain levels 8 and 9 on a frequent basis. All my activities had come to a halt. I was practically house-bound. And since I am an extrovert, the loneliness was unbearable.