SpAN folks at Can-Con 2017

#CanConCold2017, but still, I had a blast!

It’s Monday morning, and Can-Con 2017 is over. I MADE IT, I MADE IT! WHOOOPIEEEE!

Oh, let me explain. The one thing I really wanted to do no matter what was attend Can-Con this year. I’ve had a wonderful 12 months of networking with amazing authors, many of whom are now friends, and I knew this conference would be like a class reunion that didn’t suck. This time around, I’d be more actively involved by sitting on two panels and giving a reading. There’d be one activity each day where I had to speak, but then the rest of the time I could learn and socialize. Easy on the spoons, I thought.


Two weeks before the conference I had a freak accident and did something ungood to my right foot when Noola (my rollator) bucked after getting her front wheels stuck in an unexpected crack-indent-rift-in-space just before a curb. The back wheel smashed into my right foot. As I tried walking home, things felt worse and worse and when I removed my sock, I almost barfed at the sight. But, a late-night walk-in clinic later, I was told it was mostly likely a nasty contusion and x-rays confirmed that. Whew. I would be okay to go to Can-Con.

The Friday before Can-Con, I was Google hang-outting with a writers group when I noticed a fever. But only a slight one, so I took Tylenol and rested. I’d be fine for Can-Con.

Okay, by Monday my throat was sore, but it’s probably a little bug. I’d still make Can-Con.

On Tuesday, both my eyes were running like a faucet, but at least my sore throat was better. I mean, I had a wee sinus cold. But I’d be fine for Can-Con.

On Wednesday, HOLY FUCK, WHAT HAPPENED TO MY LEFT EYE? WHY IS THERE GRUNGE AND PUSS AND WHY IS IT PINK? Maybe it’s just a viral side effect. I should be okay for Can-Con.

On Thursday, MY LEFT EYE IS SHUT! HOW DO I GET IT OPEN? OH, NO, MY RIGHT EYE HAS TURNED PINK! At this point my husband yanked me to another walk-in clinic where I was diagnosed with bacterial conjunctivitis. Never had it in my life. Got it in both eyes, the day before Can-Con. Ohhhhh, crap. I might not make it to Can-Con.

Friday night. I swear, I did regenerate! 

Friday comes around as Fridays are wont to do, and I cautiously look in the mirror. Hey! My eyes look like eyes again! Thank you, Jesus! Of course, the viral part of my cold makes me feel like total crap, but dammit, I’m going to Can-Con!

And I did. Even though moments before I sat on the Absurdist British Humour in Science Fiction panel I wasn’t too sure if I could put a sentence together, I went in anyway. And had so much fun discussing the mad funny shows and books that influenced our absurd lifestyle as humour writers. Really well-moderated by Ira Nayman, too. (We even bought each other’s books!) After panel, I went home to sleep.

I woke up at 4:35 a.m. hacking up a lung and spitting out unholy things. I had a book signing at 10:00 a.m. and my panel was at 9:00 p.m. Um. Yipes? However, resilient soul I imagine myself to be, I got into the car and went to the conference. Btw, I love wearing eye makeup and felt naked without it. Also, even my hair looked sick. I’m convinced my hair gets sympathy illnesses when I’m not well. My face was puffy, too. Nevertheless, I persisted!

But you know? Hanging with my friends, meeting online friends in person for the first time, listening to great talks, having deep discussions over lunch, gorging on pizza in my BFF’s room for supper, and then sitting on a panel that was 100% spoonie peeps was worth it. The Spooning with Spoonies: Disability and Sexuality panel was not only fantastic, but it also symbolized a dream come true for me. Last year at Can-Con, I saw many people with visible disabilities and knew there had to be more with invisible disabilities. I thought to myself, What if we had a network? I created the Spoonie Authors Network (SpaN) last November, eventually acquired 15 other contributors, and all six people on the spoonie panel were SpAN contributors! Wow! I was so happy having all these amazing humans up there with me, and their responses to questions were intelligent, insightful, and educational. Not to mention hilarious. I went home happy.

SpAN folks at Can-Con 2017
These goofballs are my spoonie friends. (From left to right: Talia Johnson, Caro Fréchette, ‘Nathan Burgoine, Stephen Graham King, and Derek Newman-Stille.)

Sunday morning was my reading. I love doing readings. Annnnd, I woke up with laryngitis. GO ME! I was also running on maybe two spoons, so I stayed sitting and managed to eke out enough voice to get through it. Still fun, though. So glad people laughed. #cakeblocked

Cait and Splot-Poop tshirt
I think I’m making a Splot face before my reading.

After the conference ended, I had a couple of quiet one-on-one meaningful chats. So nice to grasp onto those precious bonding moments. It was lovely.

My long-suffering husband then collected me, we picked up an untold amount of wings, and questioned our safety when a weird windstorm/thunderstorm created almost zero visibility on the rural road near our burb. BUT WE’RE OKAY, FOLKS! I ate my own weight while wear my minion onesie. Finally, I could rest.

Sooooo. Why didn’t I just stay home and nurse my double-eye infection and virus like a reasonable person? By now if you think I’m reasonable, you don’t know me very well. Yes, it was super annoying to have to put my eyedrops in at certain times and hork up goop, but I feel that the endorphin boost from so many people happy to see me and the building of friendships and the camaraderie of my fellow authors was totally worth it. We often write in isolation, so it’s nice to come together and share our experiences and some hugs! Also, I learn so much from these workshops and convos. The information I gain there helps me understand people better, makes me a strong writer, and helps me become a compassionate person. Most of the panels I attended were #ownvoices, and did I ever get a lot out of them. It’s so important to get the right message from people’s own mouths!

So, Can-Con . . . totally worth being patient zero for! (I managed to keep my germs well to myself, so yay!) Now, I don’t recommend risking your health for a conference and I would have stayed home if I had a fever. (Be smart with your health and listen to your doctor. Mine told me to enjoy the conference, so I knew I wasn’t in real danger.) But you can see how much I love this yearly event. To learn more about Can-Con, visit their website and follow them on social media!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with a furry blanket.

cgauthorCait Gordon is the author of Life in the ’Cosm, a comedic space opera where boy meets girl, but girl doesn’t notice boy because she’s sharing a body with another boy. She is also the creator and editor of the Spoonie Authors Network. You can follow Cait on Facebook  and Twitter.


I’ll be at Ottawa Comiccon 2017

Look for me at the Renaissance table on Friday May 12, 2017 at Ottawa Comiccon, from 1-5 pm, selling Life in the ’Cosm and other awesome books. I’ll be floating around all weekend, too. Follow my Instagram to see what I’m up to! So stoked!



Cait Gordon is author of Life in the ’Cosm, a story about a little green guy who’s crushing on the female half of his two-headed colleague. She is also the editor of the Spoonie Authors Network, a blog featuring writers with disabilities and/or chronic illness. In her spare time Cait plays drums, reads, plots to take over the world with The Brain, and eats an absurd amount of cupcakes.

Hello sweetie card

Meet the author and the crafty-pants!

Wanna meet me and see how frighteningly friendly I am? Well, here’s where you can find me:

Creative Ottawa Nerds holiday craft fair
(Saturday November 26, 10am-5pm)
9 Rossland Ave. at the Anglican church, Nepean (Ottawa)


I’ll be at the Cait Cards table, selling my wares, but my book will be sold at the Renaissance Press table. If you buy a copy of Life in the ‘Cosm from them, I’ll happily sign it for you! Stop by and say hi!


I look forward to seeing you!

(Btw, ‘Cosm makes a great Christmas gift. Just sayin’.)


Human, A Shadows Empires Book: left me enthralled

I have to say something right off the bat: author S.M. Carrière made a liar out of me. Yup, she totally did. And that’s because I told people I’m not a vampirey book type of person. Then I read her work, Human, A Shadow Empires Book. Now I’m a big liar, liar pants on fire.

This is the story of Aleksandar Zograf, who becomes prince of House Svetoslav, a clan of vampires, or Opyri. In our modern day he’s a savvy businessman, philanthropist, with an old-world charm that is crazy sexy. Honestly, I found myself wanting him to bite me more than once. He catches the watchful eye of suspicious detective Brody, who knows what Aleksandar is, and the heart of beautiful and strong Officer Alicia Wilde (who I hate because I want to be her and how dare she steal that Opyri hunk of man away from me?).  After Aleksandar inherits the failing businesses and ruined properties of the now decimated Üstrel House, and restores them, people suddenly go missing. These missing people are known as the innocents; they are human and are not involved in the rumblings between the Opyri clans. Someone is trying to get to Aleksandar through the humans he is closest to, including Alicia.

S.M. Carrière made a liar out of me. And that’s because I told people I’m not a vampirey book type of person. Then I read her book, Human, A Shadow Empires Book. Now I’m a big liar, liar pants on fire.


Ahem. Okay, I’m good now. It’s superbly written, had me ignoring my husband for the better part of Canada Day, and totally converted me to the whole vampire-story genre. When something is done well, it just sings. And S.M. Carrière just took me by the hand and enthralled me with this deliciously spun tale of intrigue, romance, and vampirey dishiness.

I am a fan.

Just to note, I met the author at Comicon in May, and she is so warm and friendly. She signed her book for me and gave me such encouragement when I hadn’t known I was to be published. Thanks so much for being you, awesome author lady. Please don’t stop writing. Like, ever. Get bitten so you can write forever!

(You can purchase this book in paperback or ebook. See the author’s Website for details.)




Cait Gordon is the author of Life in the ’Cosm, published by Renaissance Press. Available in the fall of 2016. 


A Light Bulb Went on at Ottawa Comicon

If you’ve been following this humble writer’s blog, then you know I lost my virginity at Ottawa PopExpo!  Now that I’m no longer a virgin, I went to Ottawa ComiCon last weekend with enthusiasm. Hubster and I booked all three days. strekgordon

Because of the busyness of life, I couldn’t cosplay as hard this round but I still dressed up every day. That’s one of my favourite things. I’d like to get better and better at it because cosplay is really just CRAFTS! (I am mad for crafting.)

Bruce and I primarily went to see actors do their Q&A’s, like John de Lancie, Rene Auberjonois, Billy Dee Williams, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, John Rhys-Davies, and Sean Astin. It’s funny how real people seem in person. It’s as if they’re human beings like the rest of us. Who knew?

I did love when Billy Dee Williams couldn’t recall something from Star Wars and he said to a fan, “Go home and ask your dad what he remembers from 30 years ago!” Fun times.

bunnyI wanted to scour the floor for artisans in between the scheduled speaker events, but was met with mostly large commercial vendors. That was a shame for an artist like myself, but I did find a few gems. My favourite buy was this bunny by Diablo Puppets. I nearly wept with laughter at its features and even made it sing to Bruce the next morning as he came out of the shower. I need to give it a name but so far I’m calling it the antidepressant bunny.

twoauthorsBut a light bulb finally went on when I came upon writers’ booths. This time I met Aurelia Osborne at the Renaissance Press booth. It’s kinda funny because I recognized the book cover of The Admirer before anything else. (Btw, if you love Jane Austen, you must buy it. I gobbled it up!) I asked the author to sign it and realized I was more starstruck from meeting her than I was about seeing Billy Dee Williams. Soon after I was guided to the independent author right beside Renaissance’s booth. I met S.M Carrière and bought her book, Human. She was so lovely and encouraging to this poor unpublished author. I told her I’d only buy her book if she signs it and she did. #squee

So my revelation is this: I’m a super huge fangirl of authors!

As I schedule in future cons, I’m going to make it a priority to go and find all the authors selling books. It hit me that I love meeting them face-to-face, and having them sign their work. Their books mean even more to me, because I have a small insight into the person behind the story. The experience of conversing with fellow writers is precious to me. How did I not know this before?

CaitSoloI totally cannot wait to do this again and meet more authors, even if I’m dressed as Drunk Cersei, a dalek, or Han Solo with boo-boos. Perhaps these authors might never know what I really look like unless they visit my Website, but that’s OK. What matters to me is that I’ve shared a brief bit of time with them, purchased their work, and got all squeeful about it.

Until the next con!


CGAuthorCait Gordon has been a senior technical writer for high tech and government organizations. Her first novel is being sent to the universe. She hopes the universe likes it. (The second book has begun and a third will happen, too!)

Journey of a Thousand Steps: high-tech, intrigue, Ottawa

I wrote about meeting two authors from Renaissance Press when I lost my virginity at Ottawa PopExpo in November 2015. One of the authors I talked to was Madona Skaff-Koren, who wrote Journey of a Thousand Steps. She was absolutely lovely to speak with, and so was Caroline Frechette, who was also at the booth. After a delightful chat with them both and explaining I was an aspiring author, I bought Madona’s book and she signed it with an encouraging message. (Thanks so much!)Madona's inscription

And now for my review. The short version: buy this book. A slightly longer version: No, seriously, buy the book.

I just finished reading it this week and am still in wow-mode.

At the beginning of the journey we meet Naya Assad, an athlete who unexpectedly falls while running the Ottawa marathon. She finds herself unable to continue the race and then at hospital Naya discovers she has multiple sclerosis. At this point, I assumed this book would be about rehabilitation, which was interesting enough for me, because I have friends with MS and am also a spoonie with a disability. I was ready to be motivated by a character who might be worse off than I am, but who’d blow me away with her tenacity.

skaff-cover-print-196x300Well, Naya did. And not because she does her physio exercises daily. When discovering a close childhood friend has gone missing, Naya is determined to find her. Naya owns a small security software company with Travis Bloom, and she calls upon her own skills as a hacker, plus those of their employees, to locate her friend. We the reader are immediately whirled into a sea of high-tech intrigue, shady characters, more missing people, and a whole lotta ‘what the heck is gonna happen next’?

I didn’t want to put it down at night and was about to do that Clockwork Orange thing to keep my eyes open. It was that riveting.  Ottawa will never be the same for me, either. (Looks over shoulder in paranoid fashion.)

I’ll stop there because I don’t wish to give too much away. Just pick up the book and support an emerging author. It’s worth it!

One more thing: is it OK that I might have a slight crush on Travis?

A Journey of a Thousand Steps is available in paperback and eBook. I sincerely hope you enjoy the book as much as I did!


Cait Gordon has been a senior technical writer for high tech and government organizations. Her first novel is being sent to the universe. She hopes the universe likes it. (The second book has begun and a third will happen, too!)

I lost my virginity at Ottawa PopExpo!

I am still reeling from all the super-crazy fun I had at my very first con this past weekend. Yes, at the ripe middle-age of 46, I popped my con virginity at Ottawa PopExpo.

I’ve always been labelled “the cool chick” by my proud-to-be-geek friends, and they would smirk at my complete lack of knowledge of their comicon culture. (I’m a rock musician. I don’t mean to be cool, I swear! Rockers gots feelings, too, you know!)

These days I am a writer of comic sci-fi, so I wanted to explore the realm that my targeted audience enjoys. I also wanted to know what all the hype was about with going to cons. This is what I learned:

Cons are craft fairs! Whoot!

OH MY WORD! Why didn’t someone tell me how incredibly creative these people are? It was a feast for my wee crafty Cait eyes to see all the craft booths out there. I wanted to buy everything I saw.

Rebel Alliance medallion by Elkasha Arts.How gorgeous is this woodwork?
IMG_20151121_142307 (1)
The Green Bunny Workshop (uhuru and redshirt pieces) and Lilipop (TARDIS and Star Wars earrings).
Team Targaryen
Wonder if anyone would notice if I wore this to a RedBlacks game next year?

There were vendors there, too, with great wares. My hubster bought me this jersey, because my hair is turning Targaryen, and my favourite CFL team is the RedBlacks. (On the car ride home, we caught the last few minutes of the final quarter of the game. ELLINGSON!!!)

So, yeah, was mind-blown by all the artisans and vendors at the fair. I especially love when people put their heart and soul into crafts. That impressed me.

Cosplayers are freaking awesomesauce!

Redshirt CaitI attended each day of PopExpo. On the Saturday, I dressed as a Redshirt, who didn’t want to die. It was a very simple outfit, and I made the sign using my Cricut Mini. Well, slap me to a pig and drag me through the mud, because so many people laughed. They got the joke. They asked to take my picture. How friendly and warm are these cosplayers?

What was so funny was how excited I was getting over their costumes. In the 80s I was a teen, and I loved Jem and the Holograms and the Misfits. This past month, I’ve been binge-watching them on Netflix.

Jem and Misfits

On the Saturday, I met these ladies. OK, what really happened is that I became a completely star-struck 16-year old from 1986 and screamed at the top of my lungs: OHMIGOSH, ARE YOU JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS??? CAN I TAKE YOUR PICTURE???

Then I noticed there were Misfits, too, and I just lost it. Only after I snapped their photos did I realize I was old enough to be their mother. But they were fantastic to me in all my fan-girlieness. Thanks, rockers, for making this woman happy and in the 80s again!

Oh yeah, and many thanks to these people, for another great 80s reference from the movies Spaceballs.

Oh no, I’ve captured their stunt doubles!

On the Sunday, I really got into the act with my friends and the hubster. We all decided to go as Doctor Who characters. Being originally from Montreal, I chose to be the Fashionista Dalek. (Exterminate those shoes ’cause they’re so two-years ago.)

Doctor Who Gang
Bruce (the Silence), me (the dalek), Miriam (River Song), and Mike (the human TARDIS).

Again, people we never met asked to take our photos. So many smiling faces and compliments on our creativity.

I’m telling you, my fibromyalgia was half-cured from all the endorphins my body was generating! I cannot remember the last time I had such a blast.

My day was made when the compliments came from actual daleks. Thanks, boys. You flirts.


The atmosphere of inclusion

I am not a tall and lithe 21-year-old. I’m a happily chubby lady, who likes to have fun. It didn’t matter about my age or body size. My enthusiasm is what counted. I saw people of all ages and every body type, simply enjoying themselves. There were gender diversity and sexual orientation diversity and insert diversity here. One big bowl of mad fun was going on. What we as a society can learn from fandoms, let me tell you.

There be book people there!

The end of our visit on Sunday was even better. I was walking with the hubster when someone said they liked my costume. When I turned to see who it was, I noticed a familiar name: Renaissance Book Press.

I walked over to the table and met the most delightful people: Caroline Frechette (author and publisher) and Madona Skaff-Koren (author). They told me about the press and answered any questions I had. Renaissance is a small press in the Ottawa area, and by the personalities of the people I spoke to, a press that I’d love to take me on. Madona told me the advantages of being with a smaller publisher, the main one being a more personal relationship and feeling involved all along the process. That sounds great to me! I bought Madona’s book and asked if she would sign it. She was more than happy to, and I was moved by her words:

Madona's inscription

To Cait,

To a fellow writer.

Enjoy the journey.

Madona Skaff

I will have to remember that. Enjoy the journey. A good lesson for a not-yet published author. Those of you who are published, calling someone like me a writer is worth a thousand points of validation. Imma make a note to respect all authors of words, wherever they are on their journey.


Go to cons. They’re cool. Even cooler than rockers. Now I know why the geeks shall inherit the earth. I’m proud to be one of them. BECAUSE FUN, YO!


Cait Gordon has been a senior technical writer for high tech and government organizations. Her first novel is being sent to the universe. She hopes the universe likes it. (The second book has begun and a third will happen, too!)