ID: A salmon pink background with gold glitter and gold unlit candles in the shape of 2020

2020, A Year I Examine With Hindsight

There is an expression I often use in therapy: “My life is equal parts awful and awesome. As long as the awesome is really awesome, it wins.” To be completely honest, though, it’s difficult for me to write this post because I'm currently managing a depression. Still, sometimes it’s good to examine one’s life, even …

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ID: Grey brick wall and light grey table. A sign on the table reads: Hello there 2018 and scattered on the table are the letters that spell "Good times." There's an hourglass to the left of the sign and a heart lamp sculpture to the right.

Hey, wait a sec, 2018 was a great year!

That thing, when you take a moment to reflect on a challenging 12 months, then realize something amazing. While I had to deal with complications from my disability and other tough situations during the last 12 months, other stuff happened as well. Awesome stuff. So, it's with delight that I get to announce that 2018 was …

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