I’ll be at Queer Between the Covers!

rainbow bookHey, lovely readers!

I’ll be in Montreal on August 19, 2017 at the Queer Between the Covers event at Pride because it sounds like super fun and let’s face it, my book is also queer between its covers!

WHERE? 1700 Rue Amherst, Montréal, QC H2L 3L5, Canada
WHAT TIME? 11pm to 5 pm.

You’ll find me at the Renaissance table selling Life in the ’Cosm and other cool books. Bring your book and I’ll sign it! Or, buy a book or get your friend to buy a book or ASK EVERYONE TO BUY MY BOOK! And I’ll sign them. The books. Not your friends.

Warning: I’m frighteningly friendly, but I promise not to spontaneously hug you. Or sniff you. (Shut up, Amy. In my defence, she smelled like freshly-washed laundry. She’s never let me live that one down.)

Fun ‘Cosm Fact: a sentient houseplant and homemaker

I’ve loved plants all my adult life. I even have a young tree outside who makes me feel like a tree-mom. While I believe plants do have a self-awareness, I take this way to the next level in my book. Sonny takes care of Virj the way we would take care of our plants. He makes sure the environment is healthy (which translates into keeping the flat clean) and feeds Virj sumptuous meals. Somewhere along the line Sonny must have picked up that desserts and sugar treats make his flatmate happy, so he indulges Virj a lot. I wish I had a Sonny.

Sonny in his wee chef’s hat.

In the book, the narrator says Sonny has a popular food blog called ‘Sentient Sonny’s Sweets and Savouries’. Today I thought I’d start to transfer my recipes to a blog of the same name. Stay tuned for yummy meals that are gluten free and sometimes vegan!

And now the first post: PANCAKES!