Sexy and disabled. Yes, you can be both.

I had the pleasure of being invited to guest-blog on Blush game creator Jen Desmarais' website. She asked me to describe what's it's like to have sex while managing a disability. This is my personal story. I have a disability that causes widespread nerve pain, chronic fatigue, and mobility impairment. My turn-ons include fresh sheets, kisses …

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Writing with a chronic illness.

In 2014, things were so bad for me, I was sure we needed to move. I couldn't get up and down the stairs without wanting to cry. The thought of me once run-walking five days a week to now barely being able to take steps without a cane freaked me out. I felt panic-stricken. My sleep was atrocious because of experiencing pain levels 8 and 9 on a frequent basis. All my activities had come to a halt. I was practically house-bound. And since I am an extrovert, the loneliness was unbearable.