Cover photo of Journey of a Thousand Steps, by Madona Skaff-Koren.

Why I Should Listen to Madona More Often

No, that's not a typo. I'm speaking about Canadian author Madona Skaff, not the recording artist. This post is way overdue, too. I just have to tell the world how this amazing human has impacted my life since late 2015. She told me to enjoy the journey. When I met Madona, it was at the …

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ID: Orange flames filling the entire background.

Managing the Dumpster Fire of Life

CW: Sexual Assault This week on Twitter, my timeline has been full of posts with the #WhyIDidntReportIt hashtag, in response to all the ignorant people who really don't get how difficult it is for survivors of sexual assault to report these crimes. Some have gone to the police, their parents, school administrations, and the like, …

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Beyond the cupcake.

Because I hadn’t planned to get published originally, I wrote without limits or expecting anyone to read it. So, I went down a few roads that I wanted to explore:

Discrimination against LGBTQIA people by para-religious organisations.
Truly gracious spirituality versus religiosity.
Gender fluidity and changing preconceived gender roles.
Diversity in sexuality.
Dealing with disability.
Cyber affairs.
Chasing fantasy to the exclusion of those who truly love you.


When it’s okay not to be okay

Yesterday was the day after the US Election. Many of us, even in Canada, were shocked by the results. My social media timelines were filled with people feeling sad, afraid, angry, and stunned. I was gobsmacked, and the weight of it fell heavily on me. I'm normally almost annoyingly upbeat, even in dire circumstances, but …

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