Photo of me dressed as the Mad Hatter, then five books: Alice Unbound Beyond Wonderland, We Shall Be Monsters, Nothing Without Us, The Stealth Lovers, Life in the ’Cosm. And a figure of Captain Marvel and her "cat."

Taking Time Out to Smell the Pages

We writers are an interesting lot. Before our first work is published, it's often all we can think about. And if it gets published, we're so squeeful. That's the adorable part about us. Then something happens after we're published. We tend to look around us, and watch how many other writers are out there, seemingly …

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When it’s okay not to be okay

Yesterday was the day after the US Election. Many of us, even in Canada, were shocked by the results. My social media timelines were filled with people feeling sad, afraid, angry, and stunned. I was gobsmacked, and the weight of it fell heavily on me. I'm normally almost annoyingly upbeat, even in dire circumstances, but …

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