ID: A herd of horses in a green grass field with mountains and a lake in the background

Flash Fiction Challenge: October’s Results

Hoo-whee, this month's challenge was...challenging. But never you mind your pretty lil' head over it because my trusty band of authors came through. Yee haw! For October, I drew these cards: 8 of spades, 10 of hearts, and the 6 of diamonds. That meant the genre was Western, the setting was a museum, and the …

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ID: A field and a corral-like dark wooden fence

Showdown Over the Somewhat-Okay Corral (Flash Fiction)

Author’s note: This is my flash fiction for October's entry of the 2020 Flash Fiction Challenge. Each month of 2020, on the first Monday, I’ll draw cards to determine the genre, setting, and an object that has to appear in the short story. Participants will have until the following Monday to link their stories to the blog …

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