Flash Fiction Challenge 2020: Wanna write with me?

Hi, alphabet arrangers! In 2018, author ’Nathan Burgoine invited us to write 1000-word flash fiction every month of that year. It was super fun, too. Also, there was no pressure to do it each month, but if you could, it stretched the brain! He had a really unique way of presenting the challenge, too—by drawing … More Flash Fiction Challenge 2020: Wanna write with me?

Ye Filthy Rat

Flash fiction piece #4 for 2018, inspired by ’Nathan Burgoine’s challenge for the year! I’m still loving this, even though I wrote this entry in one go. Yeah, maybe I won’t leave it to the last second next month. Some help for non-Irish speakers. Sometimes names are pronounced differently, depending on where the people live … More Ye Filthy Rat

An Immoral Compass

Okay, it’s February 2018’s flash fiction challenge, as issued by fabulously talented Canadian author ’Nathan Burgoine. This month we had to write a crime caper that takes place in a soup kitchen, and includes a compass. This was really out of my genre comfort zone. I like being challenged, though. And I made it at … More An Immoral Compass