For All Time book cover: A background that is night sky on the left and daylight on the right. Two Black teenagers, a tall boy with short hair wearing dark blue clothes and a shorter girl with curly black hair wearing aqua clothes, embrace and look into each other’s eyes. There are pink flowers all along the bottom of the image.

#CaitTacklesTBRPile—For All Time, by Shanna Miles

Sometimes Twitter can be wonderful. (How many times do we say that, eh?) However, it is possible to come across really awesome people. This happened to me when I saw a tweet from author Shanna Miles about her debut novel that was so witty and confident, I had to reply with, “That does it. I’m …

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ID: Zoom snapshot of Canadian author Su J. Sokol (on the left, smiling. Su is a white woman with long grey hair, braided on the side. Xe is sitting in a green room and there's a stringed instrument hanging on the wall and Cait Gordon on the right, against a spacey backdrop with the In the ’Cosm logo.

In the ’Cosm Podcast S1 Ep4: From A (as in seeking asylum) to Zee with Su J. Sokol

You can listen to this episode by clicking the embedded Spotify widget, or you can stream the podcast from, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pocket Casts, Radio Public, and Google Podcasts. You can also watch it (with CC) on my YouTube Channel! (Click the bell on my YouTube channel to be notified when new episodes are published!) (Please scroll down to read the …

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Flash Fiction Challenge: September’s Results

Whoops! A little tardy, but here are the results of September's flash fiction challenge! As always, my trusty band of authors came through. And I got to write this month, too! For September, I drew these cards: 10 of spades, 6 of hearts, and the 3 of diamonds. That meant the genre was YA, the …

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ID: gray and brown buildings on each side of an alleyway

Troping the Light Fantastic (Flash Fiction)

Author’s note: This is my flash fiction for September's entry of the 2020 Flash Fiction Challenge. Each month of 2020, on the first Monday, I’ll draw cards to determine the genre, setting, and an object that has to appear in the short story. Participants will have until the following Monday to link their stories to the blog …

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White brick wall. Text reads: It's time for Septembers Flash Fiction Draw

Flash Fiction Challenge 2020: September

Welp, I have full-blown frozen shoulder, but the show must go on! We're into our ninth month with the 2020 Flash Fiction Challenge. I'm going to try to write for this month, and as always, I thank my faithful band of writers who have been playing along. I appreciate you! I just posted a combined …

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