The Groovy and Way Out Misadventures of Captain Catt Rohan

ID: A woman with pastel purple skin and amethyst and white hair holds up two fingers. She’s dressed in form-fitting black and grey clothes with electric purple thigh-high boots. Is she giving a peace sign or ordering two more rounds? Text reads: The Groovy and Way Out Misadventures of Captain Catt Rohan, by Cait Gordon

A rogue space captain with charm, experience, cunning…and a drinking problem. Meet Catt Rohan, a lone Zorbton who’s been wandering the Worg quadrant for ten years, and it’s a long, long way from home. Her constant companion is Norm, an overprotective bot who tries to follow her every whim while supplying xeir captain with hangover remedies.

After another night of undiluted debauchery at the Dabnis Casino on Xyfyr-10, Catt wakes up with the mother of all hangovers, to discover Norm has taken them far away from her second home and to the matriarchal moon of Antosha. Catt normally can con her way out of a tote bag, but this might be tricky, since off-worlders are not welcome except for a small window during their year. And that window is definitely closed.

While she’s trying to figure her way out of this one, the Princess Kitia of Antosha is less than enthusiastic to marry…pretty much anyone…but especially not Langath, the boring son of an archduchess, who’s in love with his own reflection.

Catt’s trying to land safely and Kitia’s wishing to escape altogether.

What could possibly go wrong?

So, this is WIP came to me out of the blue. It was originally crafted over 25 years ago, and I’ve had a notion to upcycle it. Switching genders of characters gives the story a totally different feel and I’m ready for it!

Will keep you posted as updates arise!

The misadventure awaits!