The Stealth Lovers

TSL book cover
ID: Two characters about to engage in a kiss while standing atop a snowy mountain top. Overhead flies a space fighter. Text reads: The Stealth Lovers, by Cait Gordon

A military space opera and romance story of two beloved characters from Life in the ’Cosm! If you adored Xax and Viv before, just wait until you read The Stealth Lovers—their origin story! From meeting at age nineteen during basic training and throughout their many adventures as the warriors known as The Stealth, you’ll find yourself drawn into the microcosm of a couple who can be best described as legendary, formidable, and fabulous.

This prequel to Life in the ’Cosm will be published in the fall of 2019! (I know, I can’t wait either!!!)

Teaser Trailer

After submitting to mandatory conscription, two young men begin Basic Training, or, “Vacay in Hay.”

Xaxall Dwyer Knightly might only be a private, but he’s earned the distinction of being the first-ever trainee to throw an opponent through a supporting wall. He has the strength of five warriors put together and a never-ending supply of sass.

Vivoxx Nathan Tirowen, son of a prominent general, stands tall with a naturally-commanding presence. Possessing an uncanny talent with weaponry, his drill sergeant is convinced Vivoxx could “trim the pits of a rodent without nicking the skin.”

When the two recruits meet, one smiles warmly while the other speaks in backwards phonetics. Little do they know the bond they feel will lead them to become the venerable military pairing known as

The Stealth.

“The fiercest, most formidable warrior-lovers in the ’Cosm are back. And the battle has never been so fabulous!” 

Stephen Graham-King, author of A Congress of Ships

“HOLY STARS, I loved everything about this novel!!!”

Jamieson Wolf, author of Little Yellow Magnet

“Cait Gordon sent us on a ride full of pew-pew physics and one of the absolute best traits of humanity: our humour.”

’Nathan Burgoine, Lambda Literary finalist and author of Light